Alex Marsden MA.Dip.BACP Counselling,Coaching & Psychotherapy
Alex Marsden MA.Dip.BACP   Counselling,Coaching & Psychotherapy

“Every human being longs to be happy because happiness is our true nature”

Do you sometimes feel that life could be more joyful, fulfilling or peaceful? Do you long for a much deeper level of contentment? Many of us spend our lives waiting for circumstances to be right so that we can be happy, perhaps without realising it, or without understanding why things seem not to improve despite all our efforts.


We may have difficulties with our family and loved ones, or with feelings of grief and loss. Maybe we want to find a fulfilling career. Maybe we find it hard to connect with people, make friends and enjoy a social life or perhaps we keep finding we get into conflict with others. All these challenges can improve with a little thoughtful attention.


Would you be willing to spend an hour a week just looking at your life situation, problems, hopes, fears and dreams? Because, whatever the issue, the remedy may be closer than you think!


We might have an idea about what the problem is but the solution can be hard to find on our own. A trained professional can be a great help in getting to the root cause of our difficulties, part of which may lie in our unconscious, or come from limiting beliefs or familiar negative feelings from long ago that no longer serve us.


There are many different theories, forms and practices of therapy. Human beings are all different and unique, and an approach that may have limited benefit for one person might be ideally suited to someone else.


Adlerian therapy begins with the issue as it presents itself in our life, and uses powerful, gentle, well-proven techniques to uncover the true nature of our discontent. We can then use these valuable insights to re-shape our lives to be in alignment with what we truly desire.



“The truth will set you free” Effective therapy will undoubtedly improve your quality of life but this improvement may also come with the following additional side effects: increased self-acceptance, greater contentment, joy, inner peace,

better relationships, increased circle of friends, feelings of belonging, deeper intimacy, more charisma, better self esteem and healthier family and work connections.

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