Alex Marsden MA.Dip.BACP Counselling,Coaching & Psychotherapy
Alex Marsden MA.Dip.BACP   Counselling,Coaching & Psychotherapy

About Alex

I am an experienced Adlerian practitioner, trainer and life coach. I offer a wide range of approaches and methods we can use in conjunction with Classical Adlerian therapy. We can work together to create a solution-focused package ideally tailored to your needs. All therapy is client led and collaborative in nature, allowing for a productive relationship aimed at helping you to achieve your goals and develop more useful behaviours.




Diploma in Adlerian Counselling (ASOW)

Certificate in Systemic Family Counselling (BAT)

Adlerian Training Certificate (ASOW)

NVQ Level 3 in Promoting Independence (Pembs College)


Memberships of Professional Associations:


British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

The Adlerian Society of Wales (Committee member and Trustee)

Adlerian Society UK (Committee member)

Institute for Individual Psychology UK (Committee member)

Psychologists Protection Society


I also actively engage in continuous personal and professional development through a variety of modalities.


Feedback from previous clients




Before I booked my counselling appointment with Alex, I was finding certain things very difficult to do. I was struggling to be alone in many situations, I dreaded having to get any public transport, the thought of meeting new people scared me for days leading up to it, I couldn’t even think about having to spend a night alone in my own house. I couldn’t walk through my local town alone at night, without feeling so anxious and scared. As a 19 year old, I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I spoke to my parents and they suggested I see a counsellor.

After my first session with Alex, I could see and feel an improvement. Instead of feeling that I was useless and pathetic for feeling the way I did, I began to realise the positive in how I was feeling. Speaking to Alex, allowed me to express exactly how I was feeling to someone who didn’t already know me. I began to look forward to my appointments and tried hard throughout the week to work on what we had spoken about. By the third/forth week I was feeling so much better in myself. Alex helped me realise the positives in myself and helped me with my self-esteem and confidence.

It has now been a couple of months since I had the counselling and I am doing so much better in myself. I am doing things that 3 months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about doing. I would recommend counselling with Alex to anyone. Counselling is so important and everyone should experience it. I can’t thank Alex enough for his help and support.





Dear Alex, I had previously engaged in psychotherapy in my mid twenties, (difficulties with my wife), and in my early thirties, (bullying boss) and the second of these had proved very successful. So when, much to my surprise of course, I found myself completely squashed and without any internal resources at the age of 71. Following a devastating bereavement, an increasingly impossible relationship with my wife and, doubtless also, the side-effects of heavy medication for various problems which pretty much manifested themselves around the same time, I was very willing to try psychotherapy again to improve my lot. I was assigned to Alex Marsden who, in my estimation resurrected me and thereby saved my life, by the end of the treatment. Alex has a very dynamic, interactive and collaborative approach which I greatly appreciated and helped me enormously with the therapy. Although in the earlier sessions, some bitter tears were shed, Alex and I shared a number of outlooks on the world and we also enjoyed a lot of laughter. This was a very important part of the therapy for me. Having suffered a very difficult relationship with my father, I was very

doubtful if a male therapist could avoid getting embroiled in the same area and felt considerable anxiety on this score. I could not have been more wrong. I could not have hoped for a better therapist than Alex. Alex was willing to address issues that were impeding my progress and was more than able to get me to focus on approaches to my situation which could help me as I ingeniously tried to dodge them with a string of comic but sometimes irrelevant anecdotes. Right from the start, I believed that Alex could help me and that his method made sense to me and would bring me to a healthy and safe place which is what I believe he has successfully achieved in doing. We finally ended the treatment by mutual agreement - we both felt we had covered all that could be said and thought about in practical and healing terms. So, thank you, Alex - forever in your debt.


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